Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Pooch

Today was one of those rough realization days where I had to start dealing with a huge aspect of the move. I'm going to have to be leaving my best friend, my dog. Sparcky and I have been inseparable since I first got him in third or fourth grade. He's this little weenie dog that's a complete grouch to everyone but me that I honestly adore with all my heart. He's the only one that's been there with me through everything and in so many ways I just feel like I'm abandoning him or that he'll think I'm neglecting him. I just feel like taking him away from all his friends (our other pets) and bringing him away from my family will make him so sad; I feel like I won't have enough time for him in Austria, especially since I'm going to be getting settled into the new country myself. I just don't want him to think this is an easy choice, to leave him and have to say goodbye to my baby. I know it's silly and a lot of people don't understand the bonds a person can make with an animal but he chose to stick by my side and bark at anyone who had intentions of doing my harm, he kept me warm and snuggled with me when I was cold, and everytime I cried he came and licked my hand just to remind me someone is there. I've never felt alone because I always had my best friend there to love me; and now I'm going to have to say goodbye to the little guy. I just wish I could tell him, make sure he really truly understood that I don't want to leave him, it's not something that I have control over and that this way I think in the long run he'll be happier. And I want him to know that there will never be a single day that goes by where I will stop loving him or missing him. Mostly, I just want him to know that I cherish every day I get to spend with him and that I've learned how important it is to spare those moments and make them last. If you love something or someone I just recommend making sure you show them so they completely know it, because you never know when you'll have to say goodbye.

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