Saturday, December 15, 2012


I went shopping with some friends yesterday at the Seiersberg Shopping Center here in Austria and picked up a few things. I was really excited to come across a Lush store because I was in desperate need for a new facial scrub. I had never purchased any facial products but the lady in the store recommended the Dark Angels Facial Scrub. It's number 2881 and to be completely honest I'm not really sure how to use it, the lady wasn't very clear about it so if any of you have some tips or experience with Lush products please leave some comments down bellow. 
I'll probably be doing a review on the product later on when I get more use out of it. Something I really did like about it tho was that it's an everyday scrub. I really like doing a thorough scrub everyday because I don't have the best skin and if this can help, that'd be fantastic. Oh! Also, the scrub was about 9,95 euros so pretty affordable for the everyday shopper. I also picked up some little things like a nail polish and new cheeky iphone case. Yes, it has bunny ears but it was only 3 euros and I really needed a new case. The nail polish is by the BIPA brand and it comes out beautifully, I would say it could be seen as a cheaper alternative to the Essie collection's wicked. It's a deep red that can be seen as black in some lighting and red in others. 
As for clothing, I still haven't found a store I generally like in Austria but I came across a great sale in Orsay where pretty much everything was 25% off. I picked up a peplum style dress that drops lower in the back than in the front. It's a nice shade of black with gold spikes around the collar and on the arm details. It came out to be about 21 euros so I thought it was worth the buy. Plus peplum dresses are very in style at the moment and they fit almost all body types. 

I'm waiting for a few things that I ordered online to come. If anyone knows some good online shopping websites or places in Europe I could check out that'd be great. I'm going to be doing some more shopping for Christmas soon and would love to hear what's on your Christmas Wish List. Leave comments down bellow. Also, I'm waiting on my new pair of hair extensions to come in the mail. I'm super excited and will be doing a review on them as well. 
Till next time 
xoxo Steffy

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